5 oz. Dough-To-Go Containers (Vegan Cookies & Cream)

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Our delicious edible cookie dough is packaged and ready for your customers to grab and go. This serving size is perfect for a sweet treat and lasts in the refrigerator for 28 Days, so it's easy to snack on too.
If you've ever wanted to know what's like to eat the dough of an Oreo Cookie, well here's your chance. One of our top sellers. This dough is naturally vegan and will have you addicted to cookie dough.
Cases are shipped frozen and with ice packs. Shipments take approximately 2-3 days to arrive. If your ice packs are melted when your packages arrive, the product is still in good condition. Our cookie dough has a shelf life of 28 days at room temperature. The dough will need to be refrigerated for storage and it taste better chilled.