5 oz. Dough-To-Go Containers (Gluten Free Chocolate Chip)

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Our delicious edible cookie dough is packaged and ready for your customers to grab and go. This serving size is perfect for a sweet treat and lasts in the refrigerator for 28 Days, so it's easy to snack on too.
We took a lot of time with our Gluten Free Cookie Dough. We picked the best flour we could find (a local Gluten Free Baker), and created a smooth delicious dough that lets everyone enjoy the goodness of eating raw cookie dough.
Cases are shipped frozen and with ice packs. Shipments take approximately 2-3 days to arrive. If your ice packs are melted when your packages arrive, the product is still in good condition. Our cookie dough has a shelf life of 28 days at room temperature. The dough will need to be refrigerated for storage and it taste better chilled.